Steadfast Guidelines for Setting Up your Own Travel Blog


Travel blog is nothing but a wide collection of tools where the travelers can share their every experience. They can write intimation and can send to family and friends by setting up a mailing list that is common to all. For every new update, an automatically generated email will reach your beloved ones. There are also different themes and tools designed to cope up with the travel, maps and flags that are linked for each journal update. This travel blog allows you to add digital photos. The travelers are also encouraged to keep the beneficial links about the areas and the things to take care while travelling to that particular place so that the future travelers will see and follow the same. You can write your reviews, journals, action mode photos and many more.

The basic and fundamental requirements to start a travel blog include:

  • Selecting perfect name that suits your personality
  • Setting up a blog for hosting
  • Installing word press
  • Analyzing the blog’s dashboard work
  • Downloading an attractive theme
  • Unique logo designing
  • Installing essential plugins
  • Gathering audience and generating income

Preliminary Unique Tips:

Blog Name: The perfect name for a travel blog is arguably the most challenging task. It takes a lot of time and eats away your brain to get set with a suitable name. Sometimes, the perfect name will be set in just a very short span of time. The name of your blog should lasts for longer durations as changing the name later will be a hectic task for you. Follow the following tips to get a unique and specific name

  • Find the way to be the odd man out from the existing crowd
  • Take a distant sight and then decide accordingly
  • Choose classy names for your business
  • The URL must be easy and simple to remember and access
  • Ensure the presence of .com domain availability
  • Verify the domain names in social media and sites before purchasing domain

The name of your travel blog may be or may not be directly or indirectly interrelated to travel style, trip type, journey days, duration, age groups specificity, etc. It should be easier to sell your site somewhere if it was not relying to you in long term run.

Setting up Hosting: Setting up a hosting site is very simple and quicker way if you know the procedural aspects. Many readers can be gathered by offering few discounts for the travelers to share their travelling and Bon voyage experience. Once done, you can head over to Blue host.

Install WordPress: After finishing domain and hosting tasks, a blogging software named WordPress has to be installed. It is super easy to use and Google will always love to use it. Even if you don’t have the knowledge of website designing and dealing with the technology aspects, no need to worry as there are innumerable number of sites which help you by providing manuals and tutorials on how to work on WordPress.

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