Top Blogs that Stay-at-Home Mom Can Start


Most of the women who stay-at-home at some or other point comes to a thought where she feels to have a break. So, why not take that break in an excited form in by becoming a blogger? Write down all your stupid or great thoughts for an hour a day and start sharing something you love with the world. The best part of blogging is that you get paid for doing it! So hurry up. Here are few best ideas on how to start blogging for the stay-at-home mom.


Do It Yourself Blogging

Repurposing, knitting, woodworking, sewing, crafting, plastering and much more – all of these are the best areas of Do It Yourself waiting for your creative touch. By your blog, encourage other people to start their DIY projects, give them great ideas, supply suggestions and video tutorials! Talk with other successful and professional DIY sensations such as the Plasterers Brisbane and prepare profile pieces to add to your blog. The interviews of successful DIY people will not only inspire your audience, but also hopefully you too. 


Health and Fitness Blog

If you are a fitness freak or if you love to live a really healthy lifestyle, then you don’t have to be a great personal trainer to blog about fitness and health, just share your techniques and personal journey on how to get started. Include few questions such as – how can u adjust time to fit in exercises in a hectic schedule and do you include your children also while doing workouts? In particular, when it comes to fitness, people mainly need encouragement and a role model they can look up to – if she can do it, so can I!

Parenting Advice Blog

If you wish you have some great lessons related parenting to lend with the world, then creating parenting advice blog would be a great avenue to take. Keel a ideal spin on common topics of parenting like cooking with kids, educational activities, how to start taking care of yourself and how to communicating with teens.

Cooking Blog

It is one of the easy yet famous blog that a stay-at-home mom can start. For this, you don’t want to be a great chef who cook prawn curry or bake brownies everyday. Anything can be blogged about, including small egg recipes, from the way you cook to the type of food you cook, never limit yourself. Encourage a new generation of cooks with a basic guide on “How to cook a tasty food” or do something more advanced, like creating docs or video tutorials focused on making the perfect pasta.

Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog is a best idea for the person who loves to explore places. Just imagine you traveling the whole world and getting paid to do it  – surprisingly many of the people does this full-time and make huge money! Turn travel into a living. You don’t have to worry to get followers, just make your niche to find the “locals” favorite spots to eat or locating underpopulated places to drink lip-smacking sodas. In fact, you don’t even want to travel the world, just make your blog specific to the place you live in!

So with these great ideas create a website and start posting your content regularly.

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